Mrs B Honey
& Other Good Things


Jan Brown and Will Worthy live in Beaufort County, South Carolina.  Together they began keeping bees in 2014.  It was a hobby that quickly turned into a business when friends and neighbors realized the value of local raw honey in helping to alleviate their allergies, not to mention the delicious sweetness honey adds to their diets.  

For Jan and Will, the business of keeping bees goes well beyond the business of selling honey.  To them, it is a labor of love and a way to help save honeybees from extinction.  For today, honeybees are endangered due to a variety of environmental and manmade reasons.   New diseases and pests never seen by beekeepers in years past, the business of moving bees all around the country for pollination services, and new varieties of pesticides are all threatening honeybees.  Yet without the bees who pollinate our fruits and vegetables, we will lose one-third of all the food we eat.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe, then man will only have four years of life left.”

The hives maintained by Mrs. B Honey are kept in hygienic conditions and treated to ward off the pests and diseases that threaten them.  The honey that comes from these hives is pure and natural and made from the nectar of foliage that surrounds them.  They are in melon patches and near Tupelo trees; they are surrounded by vegetable and flower gardens.  Most important, they produce honey that is local to Beaufort County.   

Today, Jan and Will are not only keeping bees, but helping to teach the community about the importance of bees.  They conduct educational programs in schools, neighborhoods, and camps around the area and are happy to talk about bees anytime and anywhere.